BS Bollareto peletting line

Offered line based on a unique, patent pending technology allows the production of biomass pellets from any kind of humidity up to 50% (NEW!). Offered line and all devices in the group are CE marked and complete documentation in Polish. The scope of the offer also includes the installation and commissioning of training for personnel in the operation and maintenance of the line.

Basic parameters of the line:

Raw material: chopped straw, sawdust, different humidity to 50%, the fraction of rozdr. <10 mm,
Product: pellets, humidity approx. 11% O8 mm diameter (optional Ø6 or 10 mm diameter),
Yield: 500 kg / hr. the moisture content of 50%,
approximately 1,000 kg / h. the moisture content of 15%,
Power: the total installed capacity of approx. 110 kW, the wet raw material 73 kW
Dimensions: length 15 mx 3 mx width height of 4 m

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