The straw Tomahawk line

The line for the chopping straw

     Straw bale shredder TOMAHAWK 505M. Chopper has a rotor with interchangeable hammers and screens

(included sieve with a mesh aperture of 28mm). Drum diameter 1,83m. Extended length of 0.6 m drum. Net weight: 737kg. Electric shredders Team Driving to the straw type TOMAHAWK. The composition of the team includes: main engine chopper with a capacity of 30 kW, 1.5 kW motor drum, main frame, control cabinet

     Feed table SP-1 bale of straw with a 1.5kW motor. Working length 4m. The width of 1,3m.

3. Beater shredder suction pressure to the straw. The motor power of 30kW.

Round inlet and outlet with a diameter of 200 mm.

4 Control and synchronization system load - speed of the drum depending

the load of the mill

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