Mechanical Briquetting AD-750 to produce briquettes from sawdust and straw

Briquetting mechanical piston AD-750 is used for efficient pressing properly prepared fractions of sawdust, straw, rape and wheat straw without binder additives to produce cylindrical briquettes with a diameter of 75mm and a random length. The unit has a separate central lubrication system and the smooth control of raw material feed.
Productivity and quality briquette is a type of raw material conditioned, its fragmentation, humidity, and specific gravity.
Briquetting process begins with the application of raw material for preconcentration cochlear mechanisms with adjustable speed of rotation, which shoved the material into the bale chamber. As a result, the piston strokes of the pressing followed by jumping to the desired compaction of the material density. Next, the resulting briquette is directed on the guides in which the cooling is obtained by appropriate physical and mechanical properties.

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