The straw cutting Cormall line

Balls are placed on the 20-meter loading table. When loading a table must be an employee who is removed from the bale strings at 45 after each table is loaded. This step takes 10 - 15 minutes and is carried out during production.

Straw from the table falls into the mixer, which works as a chopper (chopper). It occurs in tearing and shredding the bale. After this process the material is fragmented into a fraction less than 200 mm.
With the mixer passes through the straw chopper pellets, which is integrated into the stone trap. Then the material is transported pneumatically through the trap stones.
In the next step the material passes through a hammer mill with a 10 mm sieve. Hammer mill the material is crushed to the following fraction: 100% of the material is less than 10 mm, and 80% of the material is less than 6 mm.
With a hammer mill straw is transported pipe 300x300 mm dust filter integrated with silo and a fan on the clean side. Here the entire material is separated from the transport medium (air). The filter has a large rotary valve which separates the sequence of the normal pressure. The air that comes out of the filter is purified to a level of 15 mg / Nm3.
In the next step the material passes through the cell / rotary airlock disposed directly under the filter-silo, wherein the device for breaking the bridges forming in the silo constantly filled sluice material. It serves the material passes into a screw conveyor which carries the material to the level of a palletizing or briquetting press.

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